J-Fashion Showcase and Contest


Japanese Street Fashion (or J-Fashion for short) swiftly became the worldwide phenomenon that it is today, and now is your time to shine on the catwalk! Join us in celebrating your inner J-fashionista by showcasing your most extreme and avant-garde looks on the runway! Advanced early registration ends August 15th, 2019.


  1. Best in Show: Trophy Award

  2. OtakuFest Award: Medallion Award

  3. Sew What!? Award: Medallion Award

  4. Do Me A Solid Award: Medallion Award

  5. The Devil’s in the Details Award: Medallion Award

  6. Judges’ Awards (3): Medallion Awards

1. Your outfit must noticeably incorporate at least one piece of clothing or an accessory related to Japanese fashion. This includes items such as blouses, dresses, shirts, kimono, hats, jewelry, purses, socks, etc. While the item may be off brand (not specifically made by a Japanese brand), J-Fashion influence should still be readily apparent.

2. Styles of J-Fashion will include but are not limited to: Aristocrat, Decora, Fairy Kei, Gothic, Gyaru, Kodona, Lolita (Sweet/Classic/Gothic, etc.), Menhera, Mori, Otome, Ouji, Punk, Visual Kei, Wafuku/Traditional, etc.

3. Both local and foreign labels are acceptable to incorporate into your outfit, as well as handmade clothing and accessories. Dress to impress!!!

4. Judging Criteria for each award:

  • Best in Show: This outfit has it all!!!

  • OtakuFest Award: This award incorporates the best use of theme, which is ‘being an otaku’! Release your inner-Otaku and have your outfit incorporate your love of anime, art, collectibles, or gaming!

  • Sew What!? Award: This award is for those dedicated designers who went the extra mile and incorporated something handmade by themselves in their outfit!

  • Do Me A Solid Award: This award incorporates the best use of color, be it an entirely monochromatic outfit or using a color that just really pops!

  • The Devil’s in the Details Award: This award is for the outfit that pays the most attention to the smallest of details, ranging from make-up down to the very last accessory!

  • Judges' Awards: These awards will be given out by the judges as they see fit!

5. Exhibition Only Entries vs. Competition Entries: If you would like to showcase your outfit but do not want to compete, you may sign up as an ‘Exhibition Only Entry’. While you are still allowed to walk across the runway, please note that Exhibition Entries will not be eligible to win any major awards.

6. One outfit per person. No separate entries from the same person.

7. Models: You may choose another person to model your look on the runway. Prizes will be awarded to the stylist who put together the outfit, so both applicants must be present at the contest. If you choose to use a model, be sure to include this information on your application.

8. Entries will be limited to 50 contestants.

9. Please make sure your look is as respectful to all-ages as it is stylish. You will be unable to participate if your outfit is deemed inappropriate by the staff.

10. Your outfit must be self-contained. If you need assistance getting on and off the stage, please make arrangements to have your own handler before the event.

11. No bad behavior. You know what that means. No trash talking, sabotage, or poor sportsmanship. Improper behavior will get you removed from the competition and possibly the convention. Remember, we’re all here to have fun.

12. Have fun, and stay fresh!!!

If you have any questions, please direct them to jbtkzine@gmail.com