photo by Himecoser

photo by Himecoser

Nikkosplay has been cosplaying for over 7 years. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she moved to the states in 2014 and proudly represents her island.

A passionate artist, Nikko practices different artistic mediums including drawing, modeling, photography, make-up and crafting. While she does occasionally cosplay female characters, Nikko mostly cosplays as males characters.

Falling in love with anime and video games at a very young age, Nikko planned to make art and cosplay a part of her career. Equally important passions include her love for... well Love! "Shout out to my LGBT community!" Nikko is a huge fan of nature and animals and she is committed to becoming a stronger voice for them one day. Alongside her partner in crime and life, she is able to bring characters to life with the power of love! Her cosplay talents are on display with wig styling and advanced prop making skills. If you see Nikkosplay at the con, feel free to say hi and she will always smile back!




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