Pokémon League by Mew World Order


Welcome to the world of Pokémon! Join Mew World Order and embark on a journey with your Pokémon team to battle fierce gym leaders and earn badges to face the elite trainers to claim the title of Pokémon Champion. Bring your 3DS Pokémon game to the Video Game Arcade to register all weekend long and participate in this premiere event!

Mew World Order was created to bring together the Pokémon community and provide a brand new experience on how you play the game. We have evolved through the years along with the fans to bring the best version of our event, the Pokemon Gym Challenge. Compete against some of the toughest Gym Leaders you have ever faced and win big with real life badges. Get enough badges, and you will have the right to face the toughest challenge yet, the Elite 4.


  • Free Event for ALL Ages

  • Have a 3DS with Ultra Sun/Moon

  • Sign-up and Register at the MWO Booth outside the Game Room

  • No Duplicate Pokemon

  • No Duplicate Items

  • No Hacked Pokemon

  • Singles Only*

  • Doubles Only*

  • No Legendary*

* Rules will depend on Gym Leader