Celebrity Autographs & Selfies

Get autographs and selfies with your celebrity guest at the show!

Guests will be signing autographs whenever they are not in a Q&A, panel or taking a break. Some guest sign for free, most guests do charge for autographs or selfies/table-side photos. They are CASH ONLY and you can purchase their autograph/selfie at their table. Guest locations will be noted in the program guide/app(when available).

Autographs are available for purchase at the show on a first-come, first-served basis, unless part of a special event or pre-sold autograph.



Professional Cosplay Guest

We plan on bringing in Professional Cosplay Guests from around the country.

These guests will take part in panels, workshops and help judge the various costume and costuming contests. Some of the cosplay guests for OtakuFest 2019 include: