Prop & Costume Policy

Prop & Costume Policy

Prop weapons are homemade or commercially rendered costume prop weapons that support the overall look of a costume or character, including futuristic prop weapons made to look like phasers, ray guns, light sabers, etc.

Prop weapons will be allowed providing they are composed of cardboard, foam, wood, lightweight plastic, or other light materials.

Nothing that looks like a real gun is allowed.

Bows and crossbows will only be permitted if they are absolutely prop in nature – no tension on the string beyond what it takes to keep it straight, and arrows should not have any form of tip. You are NOT permitted to bring arrows with metal tips into the event under ANY circumstances.

No items can have sharp points, sharp edges, excessive weight or any other features that could be deemed dangerous to others.

All prop weapons must be checked at the Prop Check Table, where security will inspect the prop and issue a sticker to be placed in a visible area on the prop. EVERY prop will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You may be asked to take further measures to make the prop safe before it will be given approval. Be prepared for this contingency. Approved prop stickers must be visible on your prop at all times. Removing the prop sticker is a violation of the Weapons Policy and will result in immediate expulsion from OtakuFest. Any approved prop weapon may be revoked at any time at the discretion of OtakuFest staff or security, for reasons including, but not limited to, the item being utilized or brandished in an inappropriate fashion or if complaints are received regarding its improper display.

OtakuFest reserves the right to refuse entry of any prop/weapon it deems unfit for any reason. Any misuse of a prop/weapon (horseplay, dueling, fighting, running/swinging, firing, etc.) is grounds for removal and or ejection from convention premises without recourse, up to and including legal action depending on the severity of the offense.

PURCHASED PROPS AND REPLICAS: If you purchase a replica or prop from the Vendor Room that does not comply with the OtakuFest Weapons/Prop policy, you must leave it at the booth and retrieve it when you are ready to leave or when the exhibition room closes. You must take it to your vehicle, or hotel room immediately.

PLEASE NOTE that if you violate any of the above rules you WILL be removed from the convention. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are asked to leave by a member of OtakuFest security or staff, you are required to comply with their requests or risk intervention by law enforcement. These decisions are based on the discretion of the security or staff member you are dealing with at that exact moment.

Do not attempt to skirt the rules. Do not attempt to play games with security or staff. Use common sense. If you cannot abide by the rules, please stay home. We will not endanger or put any of our attendees at risk because you want to have a more authentic costume.

OtakuFest reserves the right to amend or change these rules at anytime for any reason to provide for the safety, security and general well being of attendees and the general public.