Cosplay and Costuming Events

OtakuFest will have several cosplay and costuming events throughout the weekend, with non-stop panels, workshops, contests and photo-shoots! Here are some highlights of what we have planned!

Located at Booth TBD in the Exhibition Hall, next to the COSPLAY PHOTO BOOTHS (Aisle TBD). The Cosplay Information Booth is the place to sign up for ALL cosplay related events and where you can get all of your cosplay event questions answered. This is where you sign up for the Costume and Cosplay Contests! The Cosplay Information booth will be open each day during Exhibition Room hours.

Want to get your picture taken in costume? The Cosplay Photo Booths will be set up at Aisle TBD next to the Cosplay Info Booth, and will be open as long as the Exhibition Room is open. All pictures will be posted online after the show on our Flickr/Facebook page.

Have a costume in need of a fix? Well drop on by the Cosplay Hospital at Booths #TBD to help with your costuming woes.

OtakuFest will have dozens of informative costuming workshops for the novice and intermediate cosplayer, hosted by experts and enthusiasts in various fields.

Looking to team up with your Hokage, or maybe you’re ready to GO BEYOND with your classmates from Class 1A?! Stay tuned for our schedule of cosplay meet-ups for massive photoshoots with other fans from the community!

Go for the gold in one of the most competitive costuming events in South Florida! OVER $2,000 IN CASH & PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED AT THE SHOW! Watch the most talented cosplayers and costumers in South Florida as they show off their amazing costumes, or compete and let your talent shine through! The contest is open to ALL skill levels to ensure both novice and experienced costumers have a chance to shine with over $2,000 in cash and prizes, including $500 cash for Best In Show! The divisions for the Costume Contest include: Master, Journeyman, Novice and Junior/Youth. For all the info on the event (TBD). CLICK HERE for more info.

A special “Late Night” costume contest showcasing our favorite heroes and villains! Since this contest takes place late at night, no one under the age of 17 may enter. This contest will be judged by a special panel consisting of some of our special guests. This is a runway style contest with no pre-judging. Costumes may be of any hero or villain in comics, cartoons, movies, anime, video games, etc. Costumes may be handmade or store bought. CLICK HERE for more info.

This contest will be “Runway” style. There will be no pre-judging. Contestants can enter in store bought or homemade costumes. CLICK HERE for rules and info on entering the contest! AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN OUT AS FOLLOWS: Best in Show, Best Individual, 2nd place – Individual, Best Group, 2nd place – Group, Best Junior / Youth, and Judges Awards (x3).

The Masquerade Costume/Performance Contest is where costuming and cosplay go to the next level! OVER $500 IN CASH & PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED AT THE SHOW! Contestants can enter as individuals or as a group and will be judged based on costume craftsmanship and stage performance. Think of it as a costume talent show. More than just a cosplay contest, this is your chance to put on a performance as the character(s) you are portraying! The divisions for the Masquerade Costume Contest include: Master, Journeyman, Novice and Junior/Youth. CLICK HERE for more info.